Politics : A Half Truth

There always a contradiction between two groups …
1. Who take interest in politics
2. Who hates Politics

Once upon a time it was a matter of organizing the system and then day by day it raised as a matter of interest or we can say a matter of getting knowledge ” who the hell & what the hell is going on in Political streets.

Politics:  if i’ve to define it i can say. The tricks & sales technique to impress or make fool of people to get your business.
Being a part of political party you can never be independent.. you’ve to say right of every word of your party, whether you thinks it is wrong or right; just like a vendor & salesman says about it’s product.
Day by day there is always a hot topic: who gonna win, who should win the Elections;

Beyond the shown in Media is the only truth which we know; which we think it is true.
But Ultimately truth is not just only which is in newspaper or on television…

But as we heard this phrase mentioned below
Errors like straws upon the surface flow
One who is in search of truth; Must dive below

Before deciding to who you want to see on the chair of kingdom. think deeply and analyze by your own self not on basis of Today’s Newspaper,,,,

That all i want to say actually

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