Once Upon a Time . (A Short Story)

Once Upon a time there was a flood in somewhere & There was a man who had a huge faith in god; that he will save him from all the troubles

when the flood arrived in his town all person will going to leave the place; But he did choose to stay there as his faith in god letting him to stay cuz God will save him.

The when apprx. all the town was emptied, rescue operation’s car arrived him to take him out of the town; But he Refused to leave and decide to stay on supposing God will save him.

Now the whole town was sunk in the water; & a Helicopter arrived to take that man from the town to safe place; But Again he refused to leave by saying GOD will save him,

Now the whole town have been sunk and That men died and reached to Heaven,

There he asked god,” I was your followers you did not helped me, you let me die in Flood. Why?

God Replied who said i didn’t helped you; I sent a Car to save you, then i sent a helicopter, But you refused to get on them and decided to Died.

God helps who helps them own, who don’t want to walk; Roads will not walk for them.


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