Bare walk risen up!

There are many times we have to do something

yet we does it with full passion and aggression

but a phase arrives where our passion and aggression falls at a aggressive rate due to not getting what we expected=

We are lack of patience, We Quits it just where we are about to get it.

Life is a Game; More you Play, that more you learns – i always follows this golden rule.

Before starting any game there is a phase of training- which makes us capable of understanding and facing the challenges in journey of anything –

The Phase of Success

  • Journey starts at a great note
  • Steadily fall after startup
  • Freeze land phase for a file
  • Accelerate through freeze land to rise up!
  • Got what we expected
  • Stabilization of getting what; expected what

To make a beautiful picture, the negative film need a darkroomWhen we are in darkness; it is to make our picture more beautiful

Fall down is a part of process of completion of job to make it 100% error free.

Because, Without a bare walk; you can’t analyze the condition of the way, you’re are walking on.

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