Arvind Kejriwal: An Ace of Pace……

INDIA: this is for you > 
Arvind Kejriwal, That Common Man Who Transformed Indian Politics from a freezing zone between 2 major parties to a warm path 

Will You Prefer That Party Who Made A Lot of Scams, or One Who Will Send The Corrupt People to Prison?
The Choice is Yours

Why i will prefer Aam Admi party over Other Major Parties

I want a corruption Free Nation Not a Nation Full of Skyscrapers
I want to Visit Government Offices without thinking of the burden which we faces today
I want a PM appointed by Indians, not by Hindus or Muslims
I want India to be developed in matter of Agriculture; not for Social Media; Even though i work for an eCommerce Portal 
I want India where PM is not a powerful Man, but a Powerful Leader
I want our police force as our friend to help us, Today i fears when a police Van passes

I ask Indian Media; where were they when there were Coal Mines Scam
When There was Commonwealth games Scam
Land Scam
Road Scam
3G Scam
Scam over Scam

Now The Choice is Yours:
Impressive Lectures or Daring Actions?
Scams or Judgement?
Victory of Money or Common Man?
Crying India or Daring India?

Corruption Free India or Honesty Free India?

Just a common man sharing his point of view to Indian Future

4 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal: An Ace of Pace……

  1. Nice analysis! Arvind Kejriwal saved the revolution led by Anna Hazare, which was on the verge of extinction, and turned it into political, peaceful revolution! It succeeds or not but positively has raised the political conscious level of people, who are now fighting for their rights!


  2. I do bother one thing before taking any decision… Mr. Kejriwal is experienced enough to handle the entire nation…with Coalition..he was unable to hold Delhi only with one coaltion party (Congress) how can one expect his to handle such a large country with so many parties. It is clear that no single party can form the government.


    • The Matter is India Not needs a economist; after all Mr. Manmohan Singh is one of the best among them. We need a – Analyst who can analyse faults in system and can improve the functionality of all sectors including economy and defence.

      Exactly: No Single Can: Neither AAP nor BJP can do this alone…. This only can be done when all parties becomes united when it comes to save the nation

      But as Far as Kejriwal is concerned: He is not experienced in Ruling; Neither Congress ws when it was their 1st time, and even not BJP when it was their 1st time.

      – Ex. Engineer & Joint Commissioner Income tax dept. : Who can Control Both Corruption and Development with his own

      I would love to recruit him; as my old employees are busy in making scams & cast-ism


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