Indian Politics At It’s New Birth

is one of the Biggest Democratic Country in World and is at the Phase of taking new Birth; There are a few points we need to know and we need to consider in future of India.

Now This Time – As Anna Hazare & Arvind Kejriwal’s Joint efforts made an impact on Indian Politics and provided an other option beyond BJP & Congress; Indian People are delighted and more and more young people are now taking interest in politics.

Now, Even Jan-Lokpal is not passed yet but Arvind Kejriwal’s Extraordinary pace toward anti-corruption politics is doing a great job in a new idea for elections as now people are taking decision not on basis of cast or regional candidates but as per thinking for a bright future.

I personally thinks that this common man has done his job actually.
Now it’s your turn to lead his establishments to a greater height by voting an eligible candidate according to your views and make a new IndiaYoung India“.

I urge India to take your decision on basis of history that you’ve seen through your eyes not under any influence of hearsay or information received by Media or Home Members of Concerned political party.

I urge each and every Indian Voter to Vote a candidate not for his surname or birth place but for his work which he had done and which he is capable to do.

Best of Luck!
Have a Bright Phase of India Ahead