Story Of Life

                                   It’s the oldest story in the world.

One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday.
And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today.
And that someday is yesterday.
And this is your life.

68th Independence Day for India (Whole World In a Border)

Freedom is not just about a nation being free to choose its leaders. Freedom is more.
Freedom is everyone allowed to have and pursue a dream.
Freedom is every individual who wants to and can rise, is allowed to rise.
Freedom is a decent standard of living. Freedom is a roof on the head, a warm bed at night and food on the table, and not having to worry about those things.
Freedom is feeling safe.
Freedom is praying to whichever God one wants to, and whichever God one doesn’t want to. Freedom is being allowed to not believe in God.
Freedom is being allowed to love. Freedom is being allowed to express that love. Freedom is not judging love. Freedom is allowing straight people to love and be in love. Freedom is allowing gay people to be in love.
Freedom is being allowed to love someone of your own community. Freedom is being allowed to love someone of another community.
Freedom is not being judged for one’s identity. Freedom is not judging anyone on the basis of their identity. Freedom is seeing everyone the same way and not caring whether they are from the North-East or the South-West.
Freedom is a man respecting a woman, a woman respecting a man.
Freedom is having the choice. Freedom is allowing the choice.
Freedom is putting free will right on top of things society’s values.
Freedom doesn’t just come from signing a document or raising a flag.
Freedom comes from retraining the mind. To make it free of prejudice. To live and let live.
Free Country = Free minds.
Happy Independence Day.