USA vs USSR and the Platformer Pakistan

USA against the USSR

Just after WW2, to maintain they economical supremacy, USA decided to go with the “Truman Doctrine” which lead new warfare “the cold war”, sited to make USA the most powerful and strong economy of the world, to prevent its collapse due to reducing Natural Resources. USA required an Influence in Asia to oppose the Russia and china to take over the Asian consensus.

The United States of America (USA), hired people of Asia, the secret weapon “terrorists”, to wage a war against the Soviet Union, These hired guns include Saudi, Afghani and Pakistani militants, who nailed the destruction of Soviet Union without fighting a war, just a cold war, which eventually resulted in a number of foe for USA, majorly Islamic Countries.

The Backfire

After making a series of enemies in the Asia, USA stunned by a Militant Group Al-Qaeda’s airborne attack which caused ~3000 lives and around 10 billion US Dollar of the infrastructure damage, was a major setback to the USA, which lead the world power to review their doctrine for Asia, and it’s allies.

The Platformer
Pakistan played role of a strong ally to USA during Soviet Era till 1st decade of 21st century, Pakistan in support of USA supplied manpower in uniform and the militant group against the USSR, to beg the weaponry and the financial support in war against India, Later after the bonds between these allies started loosening due to backstabbing of Pakistan against USA, USA aiming India as an ally and Pakistan as a watchdog for Afghani border. Suffering from economically troubles, Pakistan continues to poke India on Kashmir issue, backed by Chinese government, against India continues being a Platformer since it’s partition from British India.

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