Running from door to door

Yeah, it’s hard, baby
It’s hard right down to the bone
I said Oh, it’s hard baby
It’s hard right down to the very bone
It’s hard when you’re a woman
And you find yourself all alone
I’ve been flapping and scrapping
And running from door to door
You know I’ve been flapping and scrapping, honey
Running from door to door

Feminism as a movement

Feminism as a movement for political and social equity is important, but feminism as an academic clique committed to eccentric doctrines about human nature is not. Eliminating discrimination against women is important, but believing that women and men are born with indistinguishable minds is not. Freedom of choice is important, but ensuring that women make up exactly 50 percent of all professions is not. And eliminating sexual assaults is important, but advancing the theory that rapists are doing their part in a vast male conspiracy is not.

I love women, t…

I love women, they’re beautiful fucking creatures. Everything about them screams power. Just because I wear makeup and suck dick doesn’t mean I crave to be a woman though. I love having a penis, and I praise women for dealing with everything they have too. Brave, beautiful, powerful fucking creatures.

Miley Cyrus : the only Culprit ???

Miley Cyrus : the only Culprit ???

I just checked the Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance; Shocked, stunned & Recovered….. yes it seems vulgarity /obscene or whichever term suits better…

She is no more a pretty girl as you seen in her shows like “Hanna Montana”or a few years ago.. image of that i’ve attached here to remind…

Now Bottomline is : if we should punish the culprit by making her realize what did she has done is not wrong
But what about her Co performer.. did he liked this stuff? if yes he was aware of steps going to on in performance: he is also at same level as she is…

Miley Should not do that?, She went wrong with her?, why she did?… I think the same should be applicable to a Male performer Also.

Closing Line: Disappointment for Miley; Much more For Robin Thicke