Patreon is a fraud website?


Let me tell you why? 
In this world of millions of poor people no one has time to pay a single penny to a person starving to death, have enough money to pay Internet bills but when it comes to do some charity their pockets becomes empty?
But they decide to do charity on Patreon and other websites to content creators; the same very peoples who are already earning enough money on YouTube by monetizing their videos.
Irony is we see hard work of a YouTube creator but not a farmer and a labor and a sweeper and a beggar.
Should be these sites must be banned for moral of society. 


Muslim Ban – Why?

Donald John Trump

Today we are analyzing Mr. Donald John Trump as a President of United States

1st of all let’s write down 2 simple and important facts about Donald Trump

-Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on November 8, 2016
-Donald Trump is a businessman, philanthropist and Pro American Speaker.
Now the reason why Donald Trump can be best president of United States in 21st Century.

Donald Trump is a core businessman with straight forward thinking.
Because Trump not owns a Split Personality of business mind and political mind concurrently, every common man can understand his policies and it’s results

In My Personal opinion every US citizen should support him for this presidential period as he is an an elected president based on majority of the US citizen’s vote count.
By respecting Mr. Trump, you can show the respect to the choice of other US nationals.

Rather than criticizing him we should support him after all decision made by him against a few Muslim countries is the honest ever decision made by any political person which is obviously for the benefit and security of American peoples and there is absolutely no personal interest in this.

How this ban can be beneficial?
I totally agree that banning a few Muslim Countries do not mean that all Muslim terrorists will be prevented by entering US borders, but infact it will create a clear cut message to other powerful Muslim countries that the same action against them can be taken if the do not control the terrorist export cells like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan Pakistan etc…

Why Criticize this ban?
The main reason for criticism of this ban seems from the people who mainly talks about the equality of humans without enforcing the religious of ethnicity which is absolutely best humanly thing that can be thought.

What you think about this executive order, share your opinion in comment section…
Disclaimer: above stated words are totally my personal opinion and not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiment and not for the purpose of debate.